Molded Fiber Technology

Molded Fiber Technology

Traditional molded fiber equipment employed heat drying systems that stretched for 30 meters and consumed enormous amounts of energy. They were inefficient, bulky, and required a crew of 5 to operate.

We have developed a new generation of machines that are a 1/5 of the size, featuring a heat press system and requiring only 1-2 technicians to operate.

Fibro’s machinery employed a double driving mode, an integrated automatic control system for the mechanical, pneumatic and Hydraulic system that increased the speed of production and brought about unparalleled energy savings.

This system is continuously adjusted during forming, shaping and drying to achieve even thickness and high smoothness in both and outside the product especially for high grade molded pulp as in egg packaging and fruit packaging.

More to the point, our machine uses intelligent PLC control technology, simple, clear and visually intuitive simplifying the control and maintenance of the machine. Additional options such as failure display, failure alarm, remote control diagnosis, etc. are standard on the machine.

The PLC programmable control system can be set ahead of operations to the desired thickness, moisture control, forming time, shaping, and temperature. This high accuracy is maintained thorough out.