Egg carton labeling machine

Egg carton labeling machine is a special equipment for egg carton labeling independently developed by our company. The total length of the equipment is about 6m, the effective width of the workbench is 0.7m, and the total power is 6.0kw. Labels with a total length of 300mm and a width of less than 210mm can be affixed. Fully meet the specifications of all egg cartons in the market. Design running speed is 50-60m/min, output is 80-120 PCS /min, automatic PLC control, parts processing precision is high. Using a proprietary labeling mechanism, the paste is evenly applied to the label surface, Labels coated with paste are dipped onto the lid of the egg carton through a vacuum system and a pressing system. Through mechanical transmission, label position is fixed, no deviation and good-looking appearance. Paste labeling has greater cost advantage than adhesive labeling and well received by the majority of users.

Type of labeling machine:

  1. Stick a single variety specification label without printing inside.
  2. Stick a variety of specifications label without printing inside.
  3. Stick a single variety specification label with printing inside.
  4. Stick a variety of specifications label with printing inside.