Pulp molding machine

After a long time of testing and production experience of our company, we have studied a set of pulping technology suitable for egg carton production, which has the characteristics of advanced equipment, compact installation, small footprint and less investment.

The main raw materials are chemical pulp, mechanical pulp, semi-mechanical and semi-chemical pulp, pulp board, waste paper, rice grass pulp and other plant fibers. The main equipment and process include hydraulic pulper, pulp grinder, heavy desander, light screening, vibration screening and pulping.

Technical parameters table of pulp molding machine

product name
MP1600-2 Automatic pulp molding machine
Weight 10T
Template size(mm) 1560mm(L)×903mm(W)
4 Height of machine(mm) ≤150
5 Rated Voltage 380V/480V
6 Total electric heating power 175kw
7 Actual average power consumption 120-150kw/h
8 Water consumption 100-120kgs/day
9 Overall dimensions 6000mm×4000mm×3200mm
10 No-load working cycle of machine 20-80S(Adjustable)
11 Rated air pressure 95PSI
12 Normal working vacuum pressure -0.06 to -0.075 PMa
13 Circuit control mode PLC /Touch screen

      A machine that has been running for nine years

Equipment performance characteristics

① Template size: 1560mm(L)×903mm(W)

Our template size is the largest at present, we can also customize different specifications of templates and models according to the requirements of user products and output.

② Compact structure, light weight, 24 hours output of 1.4t dry pulp, equipment suitable for container shipment.

③ Covers an area of 24 square meters, the weight of the equipment is 10T.

④ Transmission part: servo automatic system, precision ball screw, accurate positioning, small error.

⑤ The heating tube in the heating plate is heated by far infrared radiation, so that the color of the product is completely consistent. The heating tube is jointly developed by foreign professional manufacturers and our company. It can be disassembled freely. The regional heating technology has passed the 3-year test and field practice. For our company’s unique, low energy consumption.

⑥ Total heating power is 175kw, the actual average power consumption is 120-150kw/h.

⑦ In addition to the heat required for drying, 90% of the heat and evaporated water released is recycled through the machine’s own recovery system.

⑧Unique production process, reasonable programming, with simple turnover process, the equipment failure rate is the lowest, is the most efficient molding machine of its type. Hot pressing makes the product quality better, the maximum depth of products can reach 100mm.

⑨ Supporting mould production is another bright spot of our company, after a lot of long-term practice and improvement, fully meet the production of the most difficult products, printing, carton seperated,collection and packing, a series of requirements. This is currently our unique technology, very suitable for the production of pulp molding products.